Raw Diet Recipe Book


Raw Diet For Dogs Ebook.

The Secret to a Healthy Pup Starts With a Sumptuous Raw Dog Diet!

Your dog deserves a healthy diet that packs enough proteins to help him grow strong bones and lean muscle. He needs all the vitamins and minerals to fortify his immune system and make his coat look healthy and lush.

But is your pup getting the right nutrients from the food he eats? Most commercially sold dog food fails to deliver the required nutrients to our pets. This is because dry kibble passes through a high heat pressurized process that sees most of its nutrients stripped away. Also, some pet food companies go for low-quality ingredients, or their derivatives, to cut costs.

The result? Substandard dog food.

By the time that kibble makes it to your dog’s plate, it is junk. Your dog puts on weight but it’s not the healthy kind.